Unity Cloud Build

If you’re using Unity, definitely check out its Unity Cloud Build service. I was testing it out to build an AR model and it seems to streamline a lot of the workflow, especially the iOS build part. There was a bit of a setup to link Unity with a git repository and then to the Cloud Build service, but once the iOS app developer info was input, it built the app ready to drag & drop to the mobile device. There’s also the option to build to all of the other platforms; not just iOS.

What really caught my attention was that the Cloud Build service read from the BitBucket private repo that I document the source files on rather than directly from the Unity software. So each time I make an update to the working Unity project, I push them to BitBucket which then triggers a build on Unity Cloud Build. And then I get an email and download link once the build is complete.

The Cloud Build is pretty informative also. It logs the entire build process line-by-line so I was able to identify the errors in the first few attempts and then progressively resolve them. And just like the private repo, it saves each build iteration in its history. If anything, I was looking for a way to expedite the iOS build part. Previously, I was building directly from Unity and then opening in Xcode, which I have yet to become proficient in. However, I did find out in my research that the Cloud Build output can be configured to be post-processed through Xcode for those experienced app developers.

Unity Cloud Build

Screenshot of Unity Cloud Build Dashboard

The 2 support guides in the following Unity Developer link are probably the best guides. The main elements are an Apple Developer account and a Version Control. The guide shows how to set up the Apple certificates and provisioning profile that you input into the Unity Cloud Build service panel in Unity.

https://developer.cloud.unity3d.com/support/  (Unity subscription required to access support)
Guide – Building for iOS using Unity Cloud Build
Guide – Using a Source / Version control system with Unity Cloud Build

For the Version Control, I’ve had good success with a free BitBucket account.

  • File sizes & privacy:
    • I have a free GitHub account, but it’s not private and I wasn’t sure about the large Unity files being uploaded. The free BitBucket account features Large File Storage(LFS) and unlimited private repos.
  • Git Client:
    • I recommend a Git client like SourceTree so you don’t have to use the terminal or command prompt to access the repo, but they work also. Link: https://www.sourcetreeapp.com
  • SSH:
    • The first few times I ran the builds I had to authenticate (user/password) each commit to the repo. Eventually I set up the SSH access where you have a private and public key creating a secure shell and bypasses the manual authentication each time you commit a build to the repo. I used the following link below for guidance on setting this up. Link: https://confluence.atlassian.com/bitbucket/set-up-ssh-for-git-728138079.html