Vuforia Project Chalk

Vuforia Project Chalk

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In attempt to further research the SketchAR app that I previously tested, I encountered Project Chalk, which is being developed by Vuforia. It’s the same Vuforia that has pioneered many of the augmented reality applications I’m exploring through Unity. What’s really captivating about Project Chalk is the potential for applications and communication. The Vuforia website notes that the Project Chalk app will be available this Fall 2017. Check it out in their promo video below.

A large part of my daily work responsibilities is to assist users in the office and remotely in supporting and troubleshooting design technology. Typically, this isn’t an issue with remote access, however, it can be challenging to assist with hardware issues, particularly with the increase use of mobile devices and AR/VR equipment in locations outside of the office. I can definitely see Project Chalk as being very relevant as a tool to help guide others in remote locations.

I’m looking forward to its release and will showcase any updates here as soon as I get a chance to try it out.


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