TPCast Wireless Adapter For HTC Vive HMD

TPCast Adapter

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The evaluation of the TPCAST wireless adapter for the HTC Vive HMD (Head-mounted Display) is a recent pursuit and is proving to be an effective upgrade to the tethered HTC Vive. The long cable that comes with the Vive can sometimes be a challenge to wrangle when the HMD is being used. At the same time, wireless alternatives have the potential of degraded tracking by the lighthouse system and an unstable image quality in the VR experience, but evaluation of this will investigate these hypotheses.

The user wears the Vive HMD as usual, but rather than having the typical cable tied to the computer, the TPCAST wireless adapter sits atop the HMD and is supported by a small power supply in a supplied belt strap so the user can be entirely untethered.

In the following image, the PC transmitter (box on the right) replaces the streaming box that comes with the Vive HMD. The router (on the left) allows the computer to communicate through the network with the HMD receiver atop the Vive HMD.

TPCast Hardware Setup

Overall, the quality and reception of the VR experience with the TPCAST adapter is stable and comparable to that of the typical HTC Vive use. Initial tests have shown that the power supply is capable of at least 3 hours, although it has not been fully monitored (TPCAST claims it’s capable of up to about 5 hours).

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